JARED HOFFPAUIR, owner/lead photographer

Jared started his photography business in 2007 in his second year of architecture school at Drury University in Springfield MO. After falling in love with the freedom that small business ownership provided for him and his growing family, he decided to go full time into photography and marketing after graduating from Drury with a dual Bachelor's in Architecture and Design Arts. 

With his education and background in the industry, he quickly became a leading resource for real estate agents, builders, designers and vacation rental owners in providing high end marketing visuals. Specializing in resorts and larger commercial projects Jared travels the 417 capturing over 800 properties every single year. 

Jared has been honored to work for some of the region's top design firms and construction companies and also continues to build his portfolio and partnership with over 75 real estate agents across southwest MO.

In addition to RE photography, Jared operates a portrait and wedding studio where he has been able to help over 400 couples in the last 14 years tell their love story through high end photography and top notch experiences. 

He is a musician (drummer) at heart with a love for God, family and country. Lover of movies, audio books and anything to do with innovation and design concepts. 

He has been married to his wife Joanna for over two decades and they have 8 children ranging from 5-21 years old.   

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